caesarslotsfreecoinsdaily| Close 丨 The Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.82%, and the real estate sector strengthened against the market

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By the close of trading on May 15, the three major indexes had fallen collectively. The Prev index fell 0.Caesarslotsfreecoinsdaily.82%, with a drop of 0%Caesarslotsfreecoinsdaily.88%, the gem index fell 0.9%. Individual stocks fell more than rose less, more than 3800 stocks fell.

In terms of plate, kitchen and sanitary appliances, real estate development, building materials plate led the increase, securities, electric power, automobile plate adjustment.

Specifically, the real estate development sector led the increase. By the end of the day, Everbright Garbo and Tiandi Yuan were up by the daily limit, while Cinda Real Estate was up 7%.

The precious metal plate is active. By the close, CICC gold was up more than 3%, followed by Shandong gold, Sichuan gold, Hunan gold and so on.

caesarslotsfreecoinsdaily| Close 丨 The Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.82%, and the real estate sector strengthened against the market

Brokerage stocks fell. By the close, Zheshang Securities was down by the limit, Guosheng Financial Holdings was down nearly 9%, and Pacific Ocean was down more than 8%.

[capital flow]

At the end of the day, the main funds continued to net inflow into real estate, electronics, basic chemical and other sectors, net outflow of non-bank finance, pharmaceutical biology, public utilities and other sectors.

Specific to individual stocks, Tonfu Micro Power, Industrial USI, and Cicheng Electronics received a net inflow of 1.208 billion yuan, 451 million yuan, and 444 million yuan. In terms of net outflow, Yao Ming Kant, Guizhou Moutai and Oriental Wealth were sold off 946 million yuan, 396 million yuan and 349 million yuan.

[institutional point of view]

Guojin Securities: the growth of global copper supply is limited, the supply disturbance of head mining enterprises intensifies, and copper supply and demand maintain a tight balance; the computing power growth brought by generative AI increases the demand for long-term copper from the supply side (data center) and transmission side (5G base station). It is expected that driven by the related application fields of AI, the independent research and development of high-end copper alloy materials such as high-end copper strip and copper foil for PCB electronic circuits and the demand for import substitution will continue to increase, and the wave of AI will bring long-term growth of copper consumption downstream.

Citic Securities: apparent gas consumption increased by 11.9% in the first quarter compared with the same period last year. Downward gas prices, high electricity demand and economic recovery are the main driving forces. Demand growth and gross margin repair will help boost Chengshan's profits. The public utility industry is in a profit upward cycle and the certainty of the industry is extremely high, and the allocation value is outstanding in the current environment.

Guotai Junan: GPT-4o as a basic tool for more innovative applicationsCaesarslotsfreecoinsdailyThe growing soil. ChatGPT has the most extensive large model user base in the world, and more than 100 million people use ChatGPT,GPT-4o 's text and graphics features for free every week or will further consolidate the user base. The understanding of images and videos and efficient real-time interaction, to a certain extent, have the possibility of replacing other single-function AI software. GPT Store is expected to launch more convenient applications and enrich the application mall ecology. At the same time, with the continuous penetration of GPT on the desktop and mobile, AI assistant applications are expected to be popularized more quickly, and new business models may be gradually launched.