cherrylanebingo| How to connect the Papago driving recorder to your mobile phone?

Papago driving recorder is a very popular intelligent driving assistance device, which can record the driving process and provide driving safety. However, many car owners do not know how to connect it to their mobile phone after buying it, which is a problem for many people. Next, I will tell you in detail how to connect the Papago traffic recorder with the mobile phone.

I. preparatory work

Before you start the connection, make sureCherrylanebingoYou have prepared the following items:

Smart phone Papago driving recorder Power Adapter MicroSD card (high-speed card is recommended) data line 2, connection flow

Next, we follow these steps to connect:

Insert the MicroSD card into the slot of the driving recorder. Connect the driving recorder to the car's cigarette lighter through a power adapter, and start the vehicle for power supply. Wait for the driving recorder to start, then press the Wi-Fi button on the driving recorder, and the Wi-Fi name and password will be displayed. Open the Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone and connect to the Wi-Fi network of the traffic recorder. Open the app market on your phone and search for and download "Papago" APP. Open Papago APP and enter the Wi-Fi password just displayed on the recorder to connect. After the connection is successful, you can view, download and share videos and photos on the driving recorder through APP. Matters needing attention

During the connection process, note the following:

Make sure that the MicroSD card of the driving recorder has sufficient storage space. When connecting the Wi-Fi of the traffic recorder, please do not connect itCherrylanebingoHe Wi-Fi the network. If there is a problem during the connection, you can try to restart the driving recorder or mobile phone. In APP, some parameters of the driving recorder can be set, such as video quality, recording, collision detection and so on. IV. Common problems and Solutions

Here are some common problems and corresponding solutions:

Solution: the phone cannot connect to the Wi-Fi of the traffic recorder to check that the Wi-Fi name and password are entered correctly, or try to restart the traffic recorder and the mobile phone. APP cannot connect to the traffic recorder to make sure the phone is connected to the Wi-Fi of the traffic recorder, and then check the network settings of the APP. The driving recorder cannot properly record to check that the MicroSD card is inserted correctly, or try to format the MicroSD card.

The above are the detailed steps of how to connect the Papago driving recorder with your mobile phone. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you encounter problems during the connection process, you can also try to consult the user's manual of the driving log or contact the customer service of Papago for help.

cherrylanebingo| How to connect the Papago driving recorder to your mobile phone?