threewonders| Hejia Medical, claims continued after Huaxun Ark delisted, and shareholders were supported by the court and won the verdict.

RecentlyThreewondersRepresented by lawyer Li HongjieThreewondersThe compensation cases of misrepresentation of listed companies, such as shareholder claims and Jia Medical, Huaxun Ark, have received judgment documents from the people's court one after another. The shareholders in the Hejia Medical case won the first instance and the second instance, and the Huaxun Ark case won the first instance. Hejia Medical, Huaxun Ark has now been delisted, the company's delisting does not affect the rights of shareholders to claim, and the relevant responsible persons will bear joint and several liability with the company. (lawyer Li Hongjie column)

threewonders| Hejia Medical, claims continued after Huaxun Ark delisted, and shareholders were supported by the court and won the verdict.

Hejia Medical former controlling shareholder non-operating occupation of company funds, the company suspected of letter clothing violations has been punished by the Securities Regulatory Commission. The former controlling shareholder Hao Zhenxi indirectly occupied 39719 of the funds through the financial leasing business.Threewonders.15 million yuan, which takes up 5269 of the funds directly through employee loans, related party prepayments, etc.Threewonders53 million yuan, with a total occupation of 449.8868 million yuan. After the disclosure of the news, Jia Medical shares fell sharply in a row, and investors suffered heavy losses.

The case of some shareholders' claims and misrepresentation of Jia Medical Securities represented by lawyer Li Hongjie was tried by the Zhuhai Intermediate Court, and the first instance ruled that the shareholders won, and Hejia Medical refused to accept the first instance judgment to appeal, and the Guangdong Provincial higher people's Court rejected its appeal, and the shareholders won the second trial. According to the effective judgment, impaired investors who bought Hejia Medical shares between January 7, 2020 and April 19, 2022, and still held the shares at the close of trading on April 20, 2022, can continue to participate in rights protection claims. Damaged investors who meet the above conditions may make claims and protect their rights within the limitation period of litigation. (and the entrance to Jiahuiwei)

Huaxun Ark was placed on file for investigation by the CSRC twice. The CSRC imposed administrative penalties on Huaxun Ark twice and determined that Huaxun Ark was fraudulent through ad hoc network business and radar business from 2015 to 2020. The external guarantee situation from 2017 to 2019 was not disclosed in accordance with the regulations. There are false records in the 2016 semi-Annual report, 2016 Annual report, 2017 semi-Annual report, 2017 Annual report and 2018 half-yearly report.

Damaged shareholders have successively filed claims against Huaxun Ark and related responsible persons. After trial, the court of first instance found that there was a causal relationship between Huaxun Ark's misrepresentation and investor losses. After accounting, after deducting the systematic risk of the securities market, Huaxun Ark compensated for the plaintiff's investment losses, the company's former executives, accounting annual report audit institutions and other joint and several liability for investor losses.

Lawyer Li Hongjie reminded that the limitation of action for this claim from Huaxun's Ark ends in July this year. Qualified damaged investors are required to protect their rights during the limitation period of the lawsuit, and the last bus of the claim will be missed after the expiration of the period. According to the judgment of the first instance, the investors who are currently eligible for claims are those who bought from April 30, 2016 to October 27, 2020 (including that day) and sold or held Huaxun Ark shares after October 27, 2020 and suffered losses. The scope and amount of the final compensation shall be determined by the court. (Huaxun withdraws its rights entrance)

(this article is contributed by Li Hongjie, a lawyer from Guangdong Julong Law firm, and does not represent the views of Sina Finance. Lawyer Li Hongjie has represented a dispute over the responsibility of investors claiming misrepresentation of listed companies: Guangdong Pearl (rights protection), Suoling shares (rights protection), Changyuan Group, Tongzhou Electronics, King Kong Glass, Beijing Culture (rights protection), Huayu Software (rights protection), Zhonggong Education (rights protection), Zhongtian Science and Technology (rights protection), Hi-Tech, Aurede, Xinjiang Haoyuan, Aerospace Communications, Tianrun entertainment, Tianma shares, Hermei Group. Baobaolong, Huaxun Ark, Xilong Science (rights protection), Hongxiang shares, Poly Union (rights protection), Shenzhen Chase and other cases. )